Industrial Electrical Panel:

A variety of industrial systems require electrical components and equipment to control how they work and for safety. The electrical panel is a chamber where all the electrical components needed by the system are so In addition to doing their duty properly, they are also in good condition in terms of safety.

Electrical panel of a chamber for installation and wiring of electrical equipment and devices such as keys, control parts, protective parts, measuring parts and displays, etc. is. This chamber is designed in such a way that The electrocution of users is prevented and equipment can be divided from different dimensions against the metabolized factors of electricity, the most famous of which is in terms of voltage, in which case the switchgear can be divided into three.

Category divided:

Low voltage or low pressure: less than 1000 volts

Average voltage: from 1000 to 36,000 volts

High voltage or high voltage: protected above 36,000 volts.

Switchgears have different tasks such as flow distribution control, three-phase motor control, capacitive bank panels for power factor modification, flow distribution in a residential or office unit, industrial control panels or

PLC panels for automatic control of industrial processes, marshalling panels for communication between electrical panels and central control system and …

Industrial electrical panel equipment and components:


Fuse is a piece that protects the circuit against short circuit and overload. If the current of the circuit exceeds the permissible limit, the fuse will burn, which will cut off the electrical connection to

The existing equipment will not be damaged.

2-Miniature key:

The miniature key is also responsible for the same fuse, except that it does not burn after disconnection and can be restored to the system.


Bimetals cut off electricity if the temperature exceeds the permissible temperature, the most important application is to protect three-phase motors against overwriting.

4- Heat switch:

Thermal key duty protects electric motors against thermal or electronic overload, phase imbalance and … is.


A contactor is an electromagnetic key used to switch a circuit. The function of the contactor is the slope to the relay.

6-Push button:

This piece allows manually disconnecting the current.

7-Signal Lights:

These lights determine the state of the shutdown and the way the different parts are.

8-Warning Light:

These lights are turned on in case of problems and dangers and carry out remote alarms. Some warning lights also have an audio alert system.


The timer task is to control the appropriate time and timing to send the appropriate signal.


The necessary platform for communication between internal components and external parts of the electrical panel is responsible.

11- Microsevic:

It is a model of the switch that is sensitive to pressure and reacts with pressure.


Logic Programmer controller is an advanced and programmable control system, which continuously monitors the operating conditions of different parts of the system and tailored to the program for which it is defined.

It applies an appropriate reaction including disconnection. Using PLC the system is automatically controlled, usually PLCs have a display to display the appropriate data called HMI.


13-Duct Cable:

It is used to protect and maintain the wiring and cables inside the electrical panel, in addition to protection, it makes the wires not appear and the electrical panel appears more beautiful and tidy.

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