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Lighting intensity standards and values

فوریه 14, 2022
The National Lighting Committee of The Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran has proposed for most places, such as residential, commercial and industrial places, amounts for minimum or minimum brightness intensity, and the following table refers to the standard announcement of some spaces. Minimum values are mandatory and ...

Comprehensive Specifications of Contactor

دسامبر 29, 2021
Contactor In the simplest definition, the contactor is an electrical switching device used to turn an electrical circuit on and off. The contactor is a special type of relay, but there is a basic difference between the contactor and the relay, which is that the contactor is mostly used in ...


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conference of lamp makers 1400 ژانویه 16, 2023
construction of phase two factories ژانویه 16, 2023


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